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iPhone Taking Pre-Orders

iPhone Taking Pre-OrdersiPhone Taking Pre-Orders

Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are now on sale this very minute via online pre-orders in the US, which is aimed at cutting back on long lines at its retail stores.

The new iPhones could be reserved through the website and Apple Store app starting at 12:01 a.m. PT or 3:01 a.m. ET in the US, and 8:01 a.m. BT in the UK. The actual iPhone 6S release date is September 25, according to Tech Radar.

New to this year’s configuration is a rose gold iPhone 6S color and 6S Plus color choice, in addition to the usual gold, space gray and silver shades of aluminum.

Both phones are stronger, possess a new 12 MP camera and feature faster internal specs. The iPhone 6 to iPhone 6S price has not changed in the US and the UK, but did see an increase in Australia.

Apple’s official website to buy the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus was down ahead of Saturday’s pre-order rollout, and that’s customary in advance of any big product launch from the company.

However, some prospective buyers were not able to access the Apple Store site right away, leading to delays in purchasing the highly sought-after phones.

Others tend to find better luck using the free Apple Store mobile app. In the past years, we’ve found that it worked up to half an hour sooner than the website through a computer browser.

Considering all the hype surrounding the rose gold iPhone, this may leave some Apple fans without the exact iPhone 6S they were wanting on day one.

Shipping time often get delayed minutes after new Apple products go on sale, and although this is an “S” phone, demand is still expected to be high for launch day.

As there is no Apple representative in Iran, there is currently no announcement on when the phone will arrive on these shores.

According to—a meta search website—all the variations of 6S phones are currently listed but no shop has in stock.

Usually Iranian mobile phone merchants make the trip to Hong Kong and mainland China to bulk buy the phones in distributor centers and bring them in via ports like Dubai.