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3G and 4G for Schools

3G and 4G for Schools3G and 4G for Schools

Schools will be connected to 3G and 4G Internet networks and multi-platform systems, as the two ministries of communications and information technology, and education, have signed a memorandum of understanding in this regard. Information technology can help make strategic changes in educational management, Mehr News Agency quoted Nassrollah Jahangard, deputy minister of ICT, as saying. Jahangard added that altering the teaching method, helping the youth acquire new skills and promoting innovation and creativity are possible by benefiting from modern technologies. "Throughout the past 15 years, important measures have been taken, including promoting computers as a means of learning for students and teachers," he said. Jahangard noted that plans are at hand to implement changes in infrastructure so that communication can transition from audio-based to data-based.  "In line with these plans, 40,000 schools have been provided with Internet access so far," he said.