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Amazon to Sell $50 Tablet

Amazon to Sell $50 TabletAmazon to Sell $50 Tablet

Online retailer Amazon plans to release a $50 tablet in time for the holiday season, people familiar with the matter said.

The 6-inch screen tablet comes with a mono speaker and is priced much lower than Amazon’s Fire tablet, the cheapest variant of which is sold at $99.

The company was not immediately available for comment, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Amazon also plans to release 8-inch and 10-inch screen tablets, the report said.

While other Amazon Fire tablets show advertisements as screen savers, it was not clear if the new 6-inch tablet’s cost included ads, according to the report.

This might turn things around for tablet sales that have been on the decline. The decline in tablet sales came alongside the emergence of the “phablet”–larger-screened smartphones. On the other hand, more techy individuals find the lure of a laptop hard to resist. Given that these people are also likely to have large-screened smartphones, a tablet may seem like more of a luxury device.