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Mobile Number Release

Mobile Number ReleaseMobile Number Release

Irancell, the second largest mobile network in the country, is starting a new round of sales for the prefix 0903 via the company's website Applicants can choose a number of their choice from 09031000000 to 09035499999. The SIM card will cost a total of 150,000 rials ($4.45 at market exchange rate), including the delivery fee by the post office and 20,000 rials ($0.60) for the initial credit. The registration must be done electronically, Irancell's Public Relations Department announced. The SIM card is then delivered within approximately seven weekdays after the amount has been paid online or via ATMs. According to the press release by the company, users will be given the SIM card in a matter of days of purchase. Irancell's SIM cards are often cheaper than those of their main competitor MCI, or Hamrah-e-Aval due to their numbering system.  The prefix 0912 remains the top requested SIM card number in Iran, as it refers to a contract line from Tehran, which some believe is more prestigious.