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Nanocarrier Boosts Cancer Treatment

Nanocarrier Boosts Cancer Treatment Nanocarrier Boosts Cancer Treatment

Iranian researchers at Tarbiat Modarres University have designed a nanocarrier that loads precise amounts of anti-cancer drugs and releases them in targeted cancer cells without using additional compounds. The researchers synthesized a metal nanocluster using a low-price protein and hyaluronan, which is a biocompatible polysaccharide and can attack cancer cells, specifically breast and cervical cancers, ISNA reported. "Fluorescent and electrochemical properties also allow the nanocarrier to provide images of the cancer cells," said Morteza Sarparast, a graduate student in analytical chemistry and lead author of the study. According to the Iranian scientist, the device has been tested and results showed that the nanocarrier attaches itself to the cancer cells and is able to distinguish infected cells from healthy ones using fluorescence imaging. It also prevents drugs from being released in the blood, which dramatically lessens side-effects and the number of times anti-cancer drugs must be injected.