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Biofuel From London Rocket Seeds

Biofuel From London Rocket SeedsBiofuel From London Rocket Seeds

An Iranian university student has succeeded in producing biofuel using London rocket seeds.

Highly pollutant, fossil fuels are not sustainable sources of energy. This encouraged Mehdi Alami, an analytical chemistry student from the Science and Research Branch of Islamic Azad University, to conduct research on biofuels, IRNA wrote.

The biofuel made using London rocket seeds—otherwise known as sisymbrium irio—can be a viable replacement for fossil fuels.     

"Biofuel, which effectively lowers levels of carbon dioxide emission, unpleasant fumes and soot, can, in the long run, reduce reliance on oil. They also optimize engine lubrication, are degradable and lessen environmental damage," he said.

"London rocket seeds were selected mainly because the plant is low-maintenance. It grows in several different regions and in all weather conditions. What's more is that it does not need to be watered or sprayed with pesticides."  

The seeds are not a staple food of humans or animals, which make them ideal for use in biofuel production.