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Iran, Russia to Expand Scientific Cooperation

Iran, Russia to Expand Scientific Cooperation  Iran, Russia to Expand Scientific Cooperation

Moscow will be hosting the first session of Iran-Russia Scientific Cooperation Commission this week.

The two countries are set to explore opportunities for cooperation in the fields of aerospace, biotechnology and nanotechnology, Mehr News Agency reported.

Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari is due to arrive in the Russian capital on Monday. During his five-day visit, he will meet with top-ranking Russian officials, namely Deputy Prime Minister Dmitryi Olegovich Rogozin, head of Russian Federal Space Agency, Igor Komarov , and Minister of Trade and Industry Denis Valentinovich Manturov.


Sattari will also be visiting MAKS International Aviation and Space Show of Moscow, scheduled for August 25-30.

More than 40 Iranian firms specialized in the field of space technology will be presenting their latest achievements in Russia’s MAKS-2015 aerospace exhibition. These include Safir and Simorgh satellite carriers, Rasad, Fajr and Tolou satellites, a space probe rocket and a biocapsule containing living creatures. Jet engines, navigation systems, helicopters and airplanes produced by Iranian firms will also be displayed.

Iran's presence at the exhibition has been organized by the Iranian National Space Center and the Presidential Office's Science and Technology.

Late in August, Russia’s aerospace exhibition is held biennially in Zhukovfsky, with 40 countries participating in this year's event.