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MTN-Irancell Launches Azeri Call Center

MTN-Irancell Launches Azeri Call Center
MTN-Irancell Launches Azeri Call Center

MTN-Irancell, the second largest mobile telephone network, has announced the launch of a new service center to cater for Azeri-speaking people, a first such initiative in the Islamic Republic.

According to MTN-Irancell Public Relations, the operator has used up-to-date technologies so that speakers in the mainly Azeri-speaking northwestern region of the country can speak in their mother tongue. 

"From now on, contacting MTN-Irancell 24/7 Call Center from different cities across the country, subscribers will be automatically connected to an agent who speaks their local language," the company stated.   

In the initial phase, MTN-Irancell's Azeri subscribers, who are living in East and West Azarbaijan, Ardabil, Zanjan, Qazvin and Hamedan, are automatically connected to the MTN-Irancell Regional Call Center in Tabriz when they call 700, and Azeri customer service agents in this center will deal with their requests.

Up till now, large service centers in Iran only responded in Persian and other minority languages were not part of the services offered.

The move is likely to earn a great deal of goodwill for the second operator, as many people in Tabriz prefer to conduct business in their own language.

The company has not stated whether it plans to expand its positive campaign with other languages like Kurdish in the country's western regions or Arabic in the south.