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SEO Confab for Online Businesses

SEO Confab for Online BusinessesSEO Confab for Online Businesses

As developing a local search engine is prioritized by Iran, the need for search engine optimization also becomes more evident.

Online business has boomed in Iran in recent years and SEO is also one of the most important criteria that must be taken into account before setting up any related business.

For the same reason, leading Iranian online businesses have come together to host a conference on SEO, the Persian technology website Webna reported.    

The event's host companies are digital marketing specialist A-network, leading Iranian accelerator Avatech, Iran's Entrepreneurship Association and educational website IKSNA.

The key speaker of the event is Rafiq Philips, search engine marketing specialist from Cape Town, South Africa. Philips will mainly be elaborating on solutions for optimizing a website, in addition to outlining the history of search engines and how they have evolved.

Other central issues include how content affects SEO, the architecture of SEO, offsite SEO, link earning, personalization and how social networking websites affect SEO and boosting results on search engine result pages.

The conference will be held on Thursday and all lectures will be in English.

The venue is Avatech's headquarters located at Anestito-Mohandesi-Naft Building, Tehran University's Daneshkadeh-Fanni on North Karegar Avenue.  

Registration fees are $150 per person. To register, users can sign up via

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