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Iran Plans 1st NGS Center

Iran Plans 1st NGS CenterIran Plans 1st NGS Center

Iran's University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences plans to set up the first Next Generation Sequencing center in the coming months, said the president of the university.  According to Hamid-Reza Khorram, the center will be set up at the university's Genetic Research Center, ISNA reported. "NGS technology can analyze all genetic data from any individual. So far, however, the technology has not been used in Iran," he said.  “This advanced technology was first used in a project known as ‘human genome’ by American, British and Japanese researchers; it cost $8 billion. The scientists read and analyzed all the genetic information from two people.”  Khorram said by sending DNA samples and analyzing their genetic information, effective steps can be taken to treat diseases. "The center plans to carry out a project known as 'Iranome' to sequence genetic data from different Iranian tribes and store the information in a databank," he said. The center will be established by the end of the current Iranian year (March 20, 2016).