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Britons Searching Iran-Japan Business

Britons Searching Iran-Japan BusinessBritons Searching Iran-Japan Business

Britons have begun to show interest in doing business with Iran. The laggard position of the British government seems to be out of step with that of the general business community in the British capital.

This emerging trend can be reported in a new statistic released from Google Analytics, which said that when people in the United Kingdom searched for business stories, their biggest search term was "Japan, Iran, Economy".

This search entry was particularly popular toward the end of Saturday as the BBC aired reports about the post-nuclear agreement economic situation in the country. The news related to Japan-Iran trade talks in Tehran follows reports in other international media, including Iran's Mehr News Agency regarding Iran's offer to host Japanese banks.

The proposal was presented to them by Valiollah Seif, the governor of Central Bank of Iran, according to Mehr News Agency.

 “Iranian and Japanese banks have already arrived at a perfect understanding,” he said. “We hope that they will be able to promote their relations more than before.”

Other reports of Iran-Japan dealings included Iran's request of Japan to help rebuild bilateral economic ties.

Surprisingly in Japan, Iran's economic potential was not trending in the past 24 hours. The Japanese were more interested in entertainment and sport, in which Iran appears at a lowly 80th place, with the search term "Iran volleyball".