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Toxic Gas Absorption Tech Developed

Toxic Gas Absorption Tech DevelopedToxic Gas Absorption Tech Developed

Researchers at a knowledge-based company have developed a nanomaterial capable of absorbing toxic gases. Alireza Monjazipour, the project director, told Mehr News Agency, the nano-sorbent can absorb methanol, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, as well as various environmental pollutants. “The nanopowder can be used in various industries such as oil and gas, water, electricity, steel, agriculture, food and ceramics,” said Monjazipour, adding that the nanoparticles can also be used in sensor devices and filters. “Since the hazardous hydrogen sulfide gas is present in some subsurface formations such as oil and gas wells, the developed nano-sorbent can act as a sensor and filter out this toxic gas,” he said. The Iranian researcher added that the nanopowder could also be used in compressor stations, oil and gas lines, hydroelectric generators and wastewater treatment.  “They can also be used in agriculture for absorbing harmful emissions in citrus storages and for detecting food spoilage in the shortest time possible,” he said. According to Monjazipour, the product also has applications in other sectors such as hospitals, pharmaceuticals and incinerators.