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Iran, Kazakhstan Open Tech Center

Iran, Kazakhstan Open Tech CenterIran, Kazakhstan Open Tech Center

Iran and Kazakhstan opened a center to exchange technology in a ceremony held in the Kazakh city Almaty, which was attended by Iranian Deputy Minister of Science, Research and Technology Vahid Ahmadi and Kazakh deputy minister of industry.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran took effective regional and international steps for knowledge-based economic development, such as openingthea center for exchanging technology,” Ahmadi said in the ceremony, ISNA reported.

The center was established based on the policy of Iranian Ministry of Science to increase the export of related products and services.

There are over 30 science parks in Iran. The one located in Khorasan Razavi Province is one of the largest in the country.

Science parks mainly host startup companies, engineering services, medical equipment, agricultural services and energy, oil, gas and water sectors.