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1st Summer School on Data Center Planned

1st Summer School on Data Center Planned1st Summer School on Data Center Planned

The first Summer School on Data Center is to be held from August 4-5 at the Faculty of Applied Sciences affiliated to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, in Tehran. According to ICT Press, the program seeks to increase domestic capacities in the design and establishment of data centers (facilities used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems), to develop student skills and share global experiences.Six instructors will discuss the economics of data center  industry and associated issues and businesses. The program will also shed light on TIA-942, which is the American standards specifying the minimum requirements for setting up the telecommunications infrastructure of data centers and computer rooms. Additionally, data center tiers, site selection, project control and related services are among other topics to be covered by the course. Enthusiasts can enroll by completing application forms at by July 30.