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Iranians Develop Prosthetic Hand

Iranians Develop Prosthetic Hand
Iranians Develop Prosthetic Hand

Researchers at a research center affiliated to the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Center have developed a prosthetic hand moved by brain waves and commands.

Farhad Tabatabaie, the head of Health Technologies Center of the university, said the research center has implemented several research projects, including the prosthetic hand, ISNA reported.

"The device is built for people who have lost their hands from the arm. When an individual needs to move his hand, he starts thinking about the issue, which triggers brain waves and transfers the electric waves to the prosthesis. The system then processes brain waves by a processor, sends it to a driving motor, which help the hand to move," he said.

Iran's research into this area increased when more people lost limbs during the 1980-88 Iraq-imposed war.

In addition to war veterans, many people lose their limbs in car accidents, which is also officially the highest cause of injuries in the country.

Workplace accidents also make up another proportion of clients for this surgery, as many industrial units lack sufficient health and safety requirements.