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Samsung to Develop 11K Display

Samsung to Develop 11K Display
Samsung to Develop 11K Display

Samsung Display Inc. is planning to develop the world’s first 11K super-resolution display by working together with industry and education.

The South Korean government is also joining with the tech giant by investing $26.5 million in five-year increments.

At 10th Display Field National Research Development Business General Workshop that was held at Muju Deogyusan Resort in South Korea, Executive Director Chu Hye Yong said it is challenging to develop super-resolution display with 2250 ppi, which is the number of pixels per inch that is three times higher than previous resolution, and started development process with 13 domestic and foreign companies starting from June 1.

According to ETNews, this business is part of GiGA Korea’s business that is being led by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP), and the name of the project is EnDK. It is predicted that a prototype can be shown to the public at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics at the earliest.

As a main company overseeing the project, Samsung Display is aiming for a goal that allows 2250 ppi-level 11K display for mobiles to implement 3D-effect. If the display panel’s resolution increases extremely, there is an optical illusion where it is same as watching a 3D screen. Because 11K is able to show screen colors in detail, it is able to show the 3D-effect.

Currently, 500 ppi-level 2K (2560x1440) display product is being released as one with the best specification in mobile display field. A prototype with 8K resolution came out in large-sized display for TVs field, and most of UHD 4K products are considered as the ones with best resolution.

"Although some might think that 11K as ‘over specification’ that consumers do not need, this can work as a basis for Korean display industry take another leap, if related materials and parts improve through this,” Chu said.