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Commuter Commerce to Top $9b

Commuter Commerce to Top $9bCommuter Commerce to Top $9b

The average London commuter spends £44 ($68) a week buying stuff during their daily commute, compared to £36 ($56) a week for the rest of the UK. Commuters, and especially those in London, are increasingly spending their morning journeys not reading or listening to music, but shopping, according to The Memo. The British Centre for Economics and Business Research expects commuters to spend some £9.3 billion ($14.3 billion) this year on so-called "Commuter Commerce". Londoners alone will account for the vast majority of this spend, racking up £5.9 billion ($9.1 billion) buying clothes DVDs, CDs and books on their smartphones in the mornings. Every morning during the two hours from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., some 1.5 million Brits are estimated to be shopping on their smartphones, according to research from the Cebr and mobile payments firm Zapp. “People in Britain spend more online per head than any other nation, and it seems their love affair with online shopping now also extends to the morning rush hour,” said the Cebr’s Managing Economist Rob Harbron.