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2nd Mobile App Hackathon Underway

2nd Mobile App Hackathon Underway
2nd Mobile App Hackathon Underway

Sharif University of Technology will be hosting the Second Mobile App Hackathon on September 10-12.

During the three-day event, teams of two to four participants will compete for over 48 hours to create alpha versions of mobile phone software and apps that can satisfy a diverse range of tastes.

Contesters will operate behind closed doors and the themes for the apps will be announced by the judges, IRNA reported on Monday.

The event creates a fun-packed opportunity for all computer enthusiasts to learn and play. Contesters are prompted to produce innovative mobile phone software and applications that can be commercialized.  

While promoting efficient socioeconomic behaviors in modern businesses, the hackathon will help nurture creative problem solving and distinctive ideas in the realm of mobile programming.

Side events include educational workshops with a multitude of foci. Identifying and providing guidance to young talents are also of importance.

As contestants will not be able to leave the event venue once they enter, the organizer will be setting up a lounge, providing snacks and meals as well as high-speed Internet.

Enthusiasts have until August 21 to enrol via Sharif University's website: Entry is free of charge.