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Food Delivery App Launched

Food Delivery App LaunchedFood Delivery App Launched

Smartphone owners can now use their device to order food using the recently released mobile application 'Zoodfood' (meaning fast food in Farsi).  

Originally a website for ordering food, Zoodfood was established in 2010. The app of the same name was released in iTunes' food and drink category on June 23, 2015, Zoomit technology news website reports.

The iOS version of the app is also available on the local equivalent of iTunes 'Sibche' (meaning mini apple in Farsi). The android version can be directly downloaded off the website.

Through Zoodfood, users can access a databank that stores the menus of over 1,000 restaurants in Tehran, Karaj, Tabriz, Isfahan and Ahvaz. Customers will not be charged extra for their orders and can pay online or in cash on delivery.  

The app developed by Elyas Nadali claims to be the first Iranian mobile application of its kind. However, on January 16, 2015 the same developer had released 'Bodofood' on iTunes which claims to be the first mobile application to deliver food.

Both websites are powered by the same local business, Romak , which is hosted by the German startup Rocket Internet and the mobile operator MTN-Irancell. There is confusion also about Romak's strategy: why is one company running two websites providing the same service.

This strategy, however, plays into the wider business strategy of the group's part-owner, Rocket Internet. The Berlin-based in-house accelerator traditionally enters into a market with a one-size-fits-all business strategy and then begins to localize their brands. This could be true for both Bodofood and Zoodfood.  

Zoodfood's web statistics via Similarweb show it is lagging behind Bodofood with a score of 255,756 compared with the former's 8,096.