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New Cancer Treatment Proposed

New Cancer Treatment Proposed
New Cancer Treatment Proposed

Researchers at Tehran University have designed a magnetic nanoparticle that can act as a new option for cancer treatment. Using the innovative method, called La08, nanoparticles are produced by a mechanical agency.

Abolqasem Ataie, the lead author of the study, said results of the research can be applied for cancer treatment through the hyperthermia method (heating the nanoparticles) and generating a solid oxide fuel cell, according to ISNA.

The method creates an alternating magnetic field outside the patient’s body and raises the temperature of the nanofiber and the entire texture by 43-44 degrees centigrade, killing cancer cells inside the body.

The nanoparticles then obtain paramagnetic properties as the temperature rises to 46 degrees centigrade. The report says the method does not harm healthy cells but only the cancer cells.

Results of the study have been published in a local research publication called Materials Characterization Journal this month.

Ataei's research is still at an early stage and would require more trials on a larger scale to see the wider effects of the new research.  

Cancer research in recent years has progressed by leaps and bounds, with Iranian researchers taking an active role in finding a cure for the terminal disease.