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Australian City Offered Solar Batteries

Australian City Offered Solar Batteries
Australian City Offered Solar Batteries

Homes and businesses in the center of the Australian city of Adelaide will be offered financial incentives to connect battery storage to their solar power systems.

Adelaide City Council will pay up to A$5000 toward the cost of batteries in what it believes to be an Australian first, AAP reports.

Lord Mayor Martin Haese says adding energy storage to solar power is a "game changer" for the way the world reduces carbon emissions.

"We are on the cusp of an energy revolution," he said.

"Just as we capture and store the rainwater that falls on our roofs, we can capture the sun's energy and store it until we need it, making continuous availability of carbon-free renewable energy a reality."

As well as cash for battery storage, the council will offer up to A$5000 for the installation of a solar system, A$500 for the installation of an electric vehicle charging point, up to A$1000 for homes and businesses that switch to LED downlights and up to A$5000 for apartment buildings that introduce energy efficient upgrades.

Haese said responding to climate change was essential for the environmental and economic future of Adelaide.

"The council is determined that we will continue to be a leader in climate action and our expanded incentives to further encourage Adelaide's businesses and community early adopters," he said.