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Researchers Develop Cancer Drug 

Researchers Develop Cancer Drug Researchers Develop Cancer Drug 

Researchers from several Iranian universities have designed a biosensor that can be used in measuring the effect of drugs on the stability of DNA structures preventing cancer cell growth. The new method has been designed with nanoparticles and uses a high precision gold metering system to test DNA strands, according to the report from Sharif and Isfahan universities.  DNA shroud-laid structures are a new method in testing the human genome, and are beginning to play a leading role in curbing an enzyme that causes many types of cancers, according to ISNA on Sunday. Iranian researchers have developed a more effective method to diagnose DNA shroud-laid structure using biosensors. The method was also used to investigate the performance of a number of drugs making the structure more stable. The results of the electro-chemical studies show that the biosensor can pave the way for investigating drugs that make the structure more stable. The sensor can quickly diagnose drugs capable of stabilizing DNA shroud-laid structures and react with it. Results of the study have been published in Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical Journal.