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Intelligent Cashless Mailboxes in Tehran

Intelligent Cashless Mailboxes in TehranIntelligent Cashless Mailboxes in Tehran

The pilot phase of intelligent mailboxes has been launched in Tehran, an official with the Islamic Republic of Iran Post Company said.

According to IRIP’s deputy, Ibrahim Boodaghi, 11 cashless mailboxes have been installed across the city.

The mailboxes offer almost all the services an ATM does with the exception of withdrawing and depositing cash.     

The pilot phase has been operational for three months.

The system is set to go fully operational in the near future, Donya-e-Eqtesad quoted the official as saying on Sunday.    

The official added that a year has passed since the study phase of postal logistics and mail services started.

 With the full implementation of the plan, post parcels will be delivered with higher speed and safety, he said.

“A three-year process has been drawn for the complete plan. With the funding, the necessary software and hardware will be prepared.”

To further organize postal services, the IRIP introduced rail deliveries last year.

The company has also signed contracts with three new airpost companies. The move is expected to help boost postal services.