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Local Social Networking App Launched

Local Social Networking App LaunchedLocal Social Networking App Launched

A locally developed voice-based social networking application has recently been launched, ISNA reported on Saturday. Developed by Iranian programmers, the app called 'Narrator' allows users to record 30-second-long voice memos to be uploaded and shared with other users. Narrator has initially been released for iOS and is listed under iTunes' social networking category. An android version is also in the pipeline. For a safe online experience, users are not required to provide personal information such as their email address or phone number on sign up. Unlike most other international social media apps, Narrator has steered clear of the "liking" trend. "The goal is to break the competitive environment that most other social media services promote and to replace it with a more neutral context," one of the app developers said. Iran's mobile application scene has exploded in the past year, with ever more people buying smartphones adding to the mix. Interest in Iran's Internet industry has been so popular that a conference this week held in Germany highlighted the future potentials of the scene.