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Iranians Design Cocaine Test Kit

Iranians Design Cocaine Test Kit Iranians Design Cocaine Test Kit

Researchers at Ilam University, in western Iran, have designed a biosensor that diagnoses even the smallest levels of cocaine in blood in a matter of minutes, ISNA reported on Saturday. Mahmoud Roshani, a faculty member of Ilam University and lead researcher of the study, said the aim of the project has been to ease the measurement of cocaine levels in the bloodstream. The new design is expected to help reduce the costs of sample taking and conducting measurements in rehabilitation programs. The kit also makes it impossible for cocaine addicts to rig results. A drop of blood is all that is needed for an accurate diagnosis, Roshani said, adding that the procedure will not result in any side effects. The police force, forensic offices and medical health centers will primarily be using the kit, he noted. The complete results of the study have been published in an interdisciplinary journal titled Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical.