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Tehran Hosts 2nd Cyber-Tech Expo

Tehran Hosts 2nd Cyber-Tech Expo
Tehran Hosts 2nd Cyber-Tech Expo

More than 80 technological and science-based firms attended the 2nd National Cyber-Tech Expo that commenced in Tehran on Sunday.

The companies presented 180 technological products at the four-day exhibition in the National Cyberspace Center of Iran, IRNA reported, citing Hassan Qods, secretary of the event.

The event is aimed at discovering valuable potentials in the local Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector, to fortify technological infrastructure and develop ways to counter possible cyber attacks from outside of the country, he said.

Technology bazaars, evaluation labs, and commercialization rooms were set up to help assess the quality of products and market the technologies. "The technology bazaars and commercialization rooms have helped the firms promote their products," the official said.

 The event was organized with the assistance of the microelectronic committee of the Presidential Office of Science and Technology. The aim is to highlight the country's potentials in regards to its indigenous microelectronic product industry.

The official urged the administration to further expand support for the sector so that more local technological products can be produced. "It would be a major help if the government provides more low-interest loans or introduces leasing schemes for manufacturers and customers."