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LG Has New Iranian Partner

LG Has New Iranian PartnerLG Has New Iranian Partner

LG, South Korea's second largest electronics manufacturer, has announced it will tie up with Arman Hamrah Aryan Company in Tehran for distribution of their electronic devices inside the country, according to  The new deal would enable LG to gain a larger share of the growing electronics market. Also, the new partnership is expected to promote a healthier, more competitive, business environment and improve customer satisfaction.  Mainly focused on mobile phone and smart phone sales, Arman Hamrah Aryan was established in 2013. The company is an authorized distributor of a range of brands including Sony, HTC, Acer, and Vsun in Iran. LG, like their Korean counterpart Samsung has spent considerable time and money on the Iranian electronics market. In March, the company opened their first flagship mobile and home appliances store in Tehran's biggest electronics mall, Charsou Bazaar countering efforts by Samsung to grow its market share.