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National ICT Project Launched

National ICT Project Launched
National ICT Project Launched

A comprehensive project focused on the fortification and expansion of communication infrastructure networks, named Tavana, has been launched in Iran, Mehr news agency reported on Monday.   

The national project, supervised by the ministry of communication and information technology, mainly employs domestic telecom equipment.

The project is compatible with the resistance economy: a set of guidelines proposed by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei to counter sanctions, promote domestic growth, and reduce reliance on oil revenues, the report said.

In line with the Sixth Five-Year Economic Development Plan (starting March 2016), the ministry has also put forth other key plans with a shared focus of localizing telecom and science-related industries. The plans are set to be implemented in the current fiscal Iranian year (started March 21).

The plan aimed at developing local infrastructure includes projects to improve telecommunication services through Domain Name System (DNS) and also projects for developing Iranian search engines, internet browsers, operating systems, and national email services. Boosting telecom-related business and developing national broadband are also on the agenda.

Private funding is a crucial issue. The goal is for the private sector to fund 60 percent of the projects, with the government funding the rest.