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Certain Numbers No Longer 'Freefone'

Certain Numbers No Longer 'Freefone' Certain Numbers No Longer 'Freefone'

Calling non-urgent three digit service numbers will no longer be free of charge, ISNA reported on Sunday.  Following the approval of the parliament, phone bills issued by the Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI) will henceforth include costs for calling non-urgent hotlines.  According to Davood Zareian, spokesperson for TCI, the top three most-called numbers registered are 118 (directory inquiries), 115 (ambulance service), and 110 (police) respectively. The number for directory inquiries has been ruled "non-urgent" therefore "calling the number will no longer be free of charge."  TCI's directory inquiries receives an average of 400,000 calls per day. The official, however, said that the costs of the calls are "insignificant" and "will not cover the center's maintenance costs, let alone pay wages." Callers will also be charged for phoning the presidential office, ministries, the parliament, airport information services, among many other numbers, which were all previously free to call.