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Music Service Infuriates Listeners

Music Service Infuriates ListenersMusic Service Infuriates Listeners

Spotify's tweet about the upcoming Mother's Day holiday in the US didn't go down quite as well as the company were probably hoping for.

The post, which has since been deleted, asked followers to share how they would explain the music streaming service to their mothers, only to find out that parents may be a little more tech-savvy than they first thought. The full update read: "Ahead of #MothersDay, how would you explain Spotify to your mom? There could be free Spotify Premium in it for her!"

Soon after the message was posted, Spotify's followers began responding to the tweet and criticized it for being sexist and ageist.

Mothers across the world were so outraged by the publicity stunt that they went online and humiliated the company for its behavior. One mother, a IT professional in the US, stating; My seriously? I'm in my 50s, have 3 kids who are in their 20s, & have been online since 1990. This is offensive & retro ageist sexism.