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Irancell Expands Network in Qom

Irancell Expands Network  in QomIrancell Expands Network  in Qom

MTN-Irancell, the country's second largest network by number of subscribers, announced it has expanded its 4G LTE network in the central city of Qom. The upgraded network was officially opened by senior managers of the network along with media at a hotel in the city last week. The company stated that they have now upgraded their cellular radio towers in the center of the city and in the Jamkaran district. The company also announced it has reduced the prices of its data services by removing special deals it previously offered. Iran's major mobile networks have increased their infrastructure investment since the government permitted the use of 3G and 4G networks last November. Prior to this mobile network operator Rightel had the only contract on a three year limited license, but this expired last year allowing MCI and Irancell to expand their reach and attract new customers.