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1m Apple Watches Sold Over Weekend

1m Apple Watches Sold  Over Weekend
1m Apple Watches Sold  Over Weekend

An estimated 957,000 American shoppers ordered, Apple's new smartwatch on Friday, with the number of watches sold on pre-order expected to leap beyond the million mark throughout the course of the weekend, Maketwatch reported on Monday.  

The new smartwatch which has come under criticism from reviewers around the world for its lack of software, has already initially outpaced the first iPhone or iPod.

That estimate comes from US based Slice Intelligence, which measures digital commerce by tracking consumer receipts online.

Its data from 9,080 online shoppers showed an average of 1.3 watches bought per customer, with $503.83 spent per item. Of course, no one buys a watch and a half, so it’s likely some buyers went for more than one.

Putting those figures together, that means Apple could have shifted 1.24 million watches on its first day of preorders on Friday. Back in 2007, it took the company 74 days to sell its one millionth iPhone, and it took two years to get to that milestone with the iPod.

Many buyers of the Apple Watch got frustrated on Friday as delivery dates quickly got pushed back beyond the originally promised April 24.

Munster said initial supply was pretty much sold out in the first 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the model. Friday was the first day people were able to set up appointments to see the watch in person.

Still, perhaps the hype around the digital timepiece worked, along with the bet that core Apple customers wouldn’t be able to resist picking one up.

Among those who bought an Apple Watch, 72% had bought an Apple product in the last two years, said Slice Intelligence. And 21% preordered an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus just months ago.

The Apple Watch is still unavailable in the Iranian market, however grey importers are likely, as we speak bringing them through airports and ports around the country via suitcases and post.

Apple still has no representative in the Iranian market and refuses to discuss the prospects of opening any officially designated stores in the country.