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Alibaba Announces Counterfeit Fight

Alibaba Announces Counterfeit Fight
Alibaba Announces Counterfeit Fight

Hangzhou-based Alibaba Group, China's largest business-to-business online store, said it has a range of measures to fight counterfeit items going through its site, Reuters reported on Tuesday.  

The statement comes after the billion dollar group was slammed by US trade authorities on the number of forgeries going to the United States.

Concerns over fake products on Alibaba's platforms, including online marketplace Taobao, have plagued the e-commerce firm for several years, although the US trade office removed one the company's sites, Taobao from its list of "notorious markets" three years ago.

The most recent incident came when the American Apparel & Footwear Association said in a letter to America's Trade Representative Michael Froman it was sure that the Chinese company was either incapable or not bothered in dealing the matter.

The group said on Tuesday that its measures to tackle counterfeits included data mining, working with Chinese law authorities and cooperating with over 1,000 company owners and several industry associations.