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No More ADSL Bandwidth Left

No More ADSL Bandwidth Left
No More ADSL Bandwidth Left

Iran’s internet users are being left out in the cold by Telecommunications Company of Iran, according to the head of the oldest private internet company, Shatel, ICT news agency reported on Saturday.  

Mohammad Hassan Shanesz-zadeh, CEO of the service provider, said thousands are being left on the waiting list for ADSL due to lack of new connections and old infrastructure.

He added that his company still doesn’t have a new contract with the only telecommunications provider, an issue that is hampering expansion efforts.    

Shanesaz-zadeh also called on the telecommunications minister to urgently address the issue ceding 4G LTE frequency bands to the private sector and to clarify the role of FCP companies in the industry.

He underscored the need to form a technological leadership committee to lay out the roadmap in telecommunications and IT fields.

His comments follow a decision by leading internet providers to form a consortium worth 10-trillion rials (above $300 million at free market rate) of investments to take charge of various data transmission projects.

Shanehsaz-zadeh noted that the group will work in tandem to begin data transmission between themselves in larger cities, which would then offer the customer internet services at more competitive prices overtaking the traditional telephone provider.

He called on the ministry to help improve the business environment and have the private sector take part in telecom providing activities.  

Shatel is the brand name of the 6 satellite companies including Aria Shatel, Aria Rasaneh Tadbir, Asr-e Shatel Ertebat (Isfahan), Aria Rasaneh Tadbir (Karaj), Aria Resaneh (Tabriz), Aria Tel.