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Trade With US?

Trade With US?Trade With US?

It was reported several days ago that amid progressing nuclear talks, several Iranian delegations have been scheduled to visit the US in a bid to explore ways to improve economic ties. And now amid speculations about the veracity of the report Mohammad Nahavandian, chief of staff of President’s Office is the first top official commenting on it. According to Mehr news agency, the official neither confirmed nor denied the news but explained that expanding economic ties with the world and attracting foreign investors is currently among top priorities of the administration. “The private sector is free to decide on its own transactions with foreign countries although the dominant political environment can restrict some of their activities,” he added. Iran and the US have had no diplomatic ties since 1979. However, bilateral trade has been going on between the two sides with certain limits. According to Iran Custom Administration’s latest report, Iran imported about $110 million worth of goods from the US over the past nine months, which indicates a 27.45 percent increase compared to the same period last year (Iran’s fiscal year ends on March 20).