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Call for Transparency, Deregulation in Investment

Call for Transparency, Deregulation in Investment
Call for Transparency, Deregulation in Investment

The Rouhani administration is determined to support domestic and foreign investment, Mohammad Khazaee, head of Foreign Investment Organization of Iran said. He also vowed to increase the section's transparency and dispel the existing difficulties for foreign investment.

Khazaee, who was speaking during the National Conference of Tehran's Investment Opportunities on Monday, said: "For its development needs, the country has to budget its development plans by using foreign loans and investments".

He said "Iran is the land of stability in the region and the best country for making safe investments". The government is preparing a comprehensive plan for market deregulation at the same time with increasing the transparency of current regulations, Khazaee added.   

The most important objective of the government in this sector is to reform Iran's foreign investment laws, tax collection system and national employment regulations. The emphasis on foreign investment reforms will come as a relief to businessmen struggling to understand Iran's foreign investment guidelines and worrying about the security of potential investments.

Those who are interested to invest in Iran should have enough information about all kinds of rules, regulations, government and legal guaranties, advantages, risks, facilities and opportunities of the country.

Also during the conference on Monday, Yahya Al-Es'haq, the head of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, said: "Currently the problem with foreign investment is the lack of certainty in decisions made within this sector. The government should give up its idealistic plans when it comes to economic decisions and be more realistic instead."   

Another speaker at the conference, Gholam Hossein Shafei, who is the head of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, commented on the same topic saying: "What we have been dealing with in foreign investment sector until now, has been the lack of 'rule of law'."