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Trade With China Rising

Trade With China Rising
Trade With China Rising

Iran-China trade rose 35 percent in 2014 and stood at $52 billion in value, Abbas Khaleghi Tababr, an official with the ministry of industry, mine, and trade said. As ISNA reported on Saturday, China is the destination for 52 percent of Iran’s exports, less than 16 percent of which are non-oil commodities, he said. “In 2014, export of Iranian goods to China hiked 10 percent while export of Chinese products to Iran rose 80 percent.”

Khaleghi said that in an upcoming conference on trade with China, which will be held on January 26, is an opportunity to improve bilateral ties.

Currently, Iran has the potential to export 10 groups of goods to China, including oil and petrochemical products and minerals, different types of metals including aluminum and zinc, various types of building stones such as granite and marble, detergents, dried fruit, saffron and fisheries.

Iran’s imports from China mainly include industrial machineries, tablets, cell-phones, and vehicles, the official said.

Khaleghi also stressed that rial and yuan should be utilized in bilateral trade in lieu of the dollar.