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W. Azarbaijan Carpet Exports

W. Azarbaijan Carpet ExportsW. Azarbaijan Carpet Exports

Thirteen million dollars worth of handmade carpet have been manufactured and exported from West Azarbaijan Province since the beginning of the current fiscal year, Asad Darvishi, head of the Carpet Office in West-Azarbaijan County said on Friday. Darvishi added that “West Azarbaijan is a carpet (handmade) manufacturing hub in the country as 5.4 percent of the country’s total productions belongs to this province. There are 34 thousand workshops around the province that manufacture 400 thousand square meters of different kinds of handmade carpets every year.”He also said that the province’s outstanding production capacity provides a good opportunity for export but exporters need to make every effort on marketing and sales activities in destination countries. Darvishi also discussed the local government’s supportive projects for carpet exporters and said: “Up to now, the local government has provided more than one million dollars in funding to support 470 carpet workshops in the West Azarbaijan province.”