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Finding Solution to Transit Fee Dispute

Finding Solution to Transit Fee DisputeFinding Solution to Transit Fee Dispute

Following the collapse of negotiations between the Iranian ministry of road and urban development and the Turkish government, Energy Minister Mahmud Va’ezi left Tehran for Ankara on Tauesday in the hope of finding a permanent resolution to a long dispute over transit fees.

The dispute broke out on October 10 when the Turkish side started charging Iranian trucks $31 per each 100 km of travel inside Turkey – a move that was retaliated by Iran in turn.

Turkish officials say the move was in response to the transit fees Iran has been charging Turkish trucks recently, since Ankara has time and again called for a reduction in the fees.

The spat between the two neighboring countries has been resolved to some extent since Iran agreed to temporarily (for 15 days) suspend the decision to seal the fuel tanks of the Turkish trucks crossing its border.

Officials admit that transit fees raised by Iran at its joint border with Turkey could diminish the positive impact of a recent preferential trade agreement (PTA) between the two countries.  

While in Turkey, Va’ezi is also scheduled to meet with several Turkish officials to discuss the possibility of expanding economic ties.