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Petrochem Industry Key to Development

Petrochem Industry Key to Development Petrochem Industry Key to Development

All sectors are connected to petrochemical industries one way or another, Mohammad Hassan Peyvandi, vice-director of national petrochemical company said on Sunday. “Nowadays basic needs of human beings in different fields such as food, textile, accommodation and safety are directly or otherwise dependent on petrochemicals,” he added  

Peyvandi, who was speaking in Masjed Soleiman after visiting the refinery projects there, also said: “Normally, industrial projects start without having a clear financing and administrative plan but Masjed Soleiman refinery projects already benefit from a comprehensive plan.”

Referring to the long history of petroleum industries in Masjed Soleiman, Peyvandi said that the country’s biggest petroleum museum will be built in this city.

“The National Petrochemical Company has no role in Masjed Soleiman project anymore and from now on it is fully handed over to Chinese contractor Wuhan Petrochemical Works,” Peynandi said hopping that the Chinese company could meet the project deadlines.

On Sunday, the authority to develop the first phase of Masjed Soleiman refineries was transferred to the Chinese company, and the National Petrochemical Company will only be tasked to supervise the project.