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Business Marginalized by Politics

Business Marginalized by Politics
Business Marginalized by Politics

As long as business is marginalized in the country, it is difficult to expect diplomatic relations to help develop the economy, Yahya Al-Es’haq head of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, said on Sunday. Referring to the effect of political factors in developing international business relations, Al-Es’haq added that just as political levers can be used for economic purposes, economic levers can be used for political purposes.

International business has been marginalized in Iran over the past few years, Aleshaq said, adding that: “This is a bilateral relationship. If we can create more reliable diplomatic relations with foreign countries, particularly neighbors, we will witness development of economic relations as well.”

Al-Es’haq also explained that the business world is inter-connected with domestic and international political developments. However, he stopped short of making any suggestions on how to improve international relationsh during economic sanctions and isolations.

One of the greatest issues is that among political decision makers, business is not quite a favorable activity, Al-Es’haq said. He added that the business environment is influenced by a series of factors, namely politics, diplomatic relations, banking relations, economic policies, services and suppliers, regulations and trust in the market, production quality and after sales services.

Al-Es’haq concluded his speech by suggesting that politicians and economists should adopt a coordinated approach towards achieving economic development.