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Toy Exhibition Opens in Tehran

Toy Exhibition Opens in TehranToy Exhibition Opens in Tehran

The Seventh Game and Toy Exhibition is set to open at the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults in Tehran on Monday.

The event is a platform for domestic toy producers to showcase their latest products and services. It will run through Feb. 9, ILNA reported.

According to Manaf Yahyapour, an official with the institute, per capita consumption of dolls and toys in Iran is about $5 per year, far lower than the global average of about $34 per year.

The domestic market for dolls and toys is largely dominated by foreign products, mostly from China, while local manufacturers only have a small share.

Latest statistics on toy import correspond to the fiscal March 2016-17 when Iran imported 12,000 tons of toys valued at $32.7 million. However, the actual figure is expected to be much higher, as smuggled toys constitute a considerable share of the domestic market.


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