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Public Donations to IKRC

Public Donations to IKRCPublic Donations to IKRC

Iranians give an average of 3 trillion rials ($66.6 million) in charity donations to the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee annually, says deputy head of the state charity, Amir Mansour Borqe’ie.

An estimated 1.6 million households are under the IKRC umbrella, the organization’s website says.

IKRC was founded in 1979 to provide support for needy households and help them acquire a semblance of financial stability.

The foundation is supported by the Iranian government and also receives Islamic taxes such as Khums and Zakat. It also has charity boxes installed all across the country to gather donations.

IKRC is reported to have provided support outside Iran, including in Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Palestine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Chechnya, the Comoros, Iraq, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Syria, and Lebanon.


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