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26% Rise in Iran's Saffron Export Value

26% Rise in Saffron Export Value
26% Rise in Saffron Export Value

Iran exported over 160 tons of saffron worth $219 million during the nine months to Dec. 22, 2017, indicating a 26% and 33.33% growth in value and volume compared with last year’s corresponding period.

Fifty-six countries bought Iranian saffron during the nine-month period. The UAE with 23 tons, Hong Kong with over 15 tons, Spain with over 14 tons, Afghanistan with over 5 tons and China with over 4 tons of purchases were the main buyers.

Demand from the US, Germany, the UK, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Canada and the Netherlands have been on the rise, as Madagascar was the last to join the list of customers, ISNA reported.

Over 50 tons of the exports were shipped in bulk, as 25 tons were exported in the form of uncut threads, powdered or ground saffron.

Iran is the world’s biggest saffron producer and accounts for more than 90% of the global production. Close to 95% of Iranian saffron are grown in the two provinces of South Khorasan and Khorasan Razavi in northeastern Iran.

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