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Delegation to Address High Indian Agro Tariffs

Delegation to Address High Indian Agro TariffsDelegation to Address High Indian Agro Tariffs

A delegation from the Ministry of Agriculture is due to visit India on Jan. 16 to hold talks with Indian officials for lowering tariffs on Iranian agricultural products, the chairman of the National Union of Agricultural Products announced.

According to Reza Nourani, New Delhi is currently levying a 50% import tariff on agro imports from Iran, Fars News Agency reported.

Nourani noted that the delegation seeks to sign a preferential trade agreement with India.

“Iran imports a large share of its domestic demand for tea and rice from India. We have lowered Indian rice import tariffs from 25% to 15% but the Indian side has created obstructions for the export of Iranian products,” he said.

“This makes the prices of Iranian products uncompetitive compared to those of other countries.”

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