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Poultry Exports to Russia

Poultry Exports to Russia
Poultry Exports to Russia

Iran’s export of poultry and dairy products to the Russian market will commence in the coming days, deputy minister of agriculture Hasan Rokni said on Sunday.

“Iran plans to export the excess of its dairy products to other countries including Russia,” Rokni said on the sidelines of a national gathering on agriculture held in Tehran on Sunday.

In recent months, Iran has been trying to boost non-oil export specially agri-products to other countries in an attempt to offset the oil revenue loss resulting from falling oil prices at the international market.

Under economic sanctions imposed by the West, Iran and Russia seek to forge new alliance on the economic front. High-profile delegations from Russia have in recent months visited Iran to further assess the Iranian market capacity.

“Russian assessment of the Iranian market has been positive,” Rokni said, adding that Russia is currently looking for a country to meet its need for cheese and dried milk among other products – an opportunity that must be seized by Iranian producers.

“Iran is capable of producing different dairy products and there seems to be no obstacle in the way of exporting such products,” the official said.