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Yazd: Iran’s Cucumber Production Hub

Yazd: Iran’s Cucumber Production HubYazd: Iran’s Cucumber Production Hub

Some 420,000 tons of cucumber are annually produced in Yazd Province in central Iran, making up 23% of the country’s total cucumber production, the head of Kermanshah Agricultural Jihad Organization announced.

“Around 60% of Yazd’s cucumber production are exported to Russia,” Jamal Sajjadipour was also quoted as saying by Mehr News Agency. He noted that 1.55 million tons of agro products are produced in the province annually. Yazd Province also produces 45,000 tons of pistachios in 42,000 hectares annually, accounting for 17% of Iran’s total pistachio production.

Sajjadipour said 60% of the pistachios are exported to countries in Europe, Central Asia and Persian Gulf region, as well as Japan.

According to director general of the  reenhouses, Medicinal Plants and Edible Mushrooms Affairs Office with the Agriculture Ministry, Gholamreza Taqavi, about 70% of Iran’s total greenhouses are under cucumber cultivation.


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