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Official Positive About Nuclear Talks

Official Positive About Nuclear Talks
Official Positive About Nuclear Talks

The president’s chief of staff, Mohammad Nahavandian, says sanctions imposed by the West on Iran over its nuclear energy program “will be hopefully lifted in the future.”

“There is a good deal of optimism about the outcome of the ongoing talks with the West, as many western companies have already showed willingness to establish representatives in Iran,” Nahavandian said in an interview with Mehr news agency.

Iran is in the middle of talks with five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany (P5+1) in a bid to end a dispute over its nuclear program. The two sides reached a temporary deal back in November 2013, which has been extended twice.

Many political and economic delegations from the EU countries have visited Iran since the President Hassan Rouhani took office in June 2013.

With a population of about 80 million – the majority of whom below 30 years old and highly educated – the Iranian market offers great potential to foreign investors.

“A political settlement over Iran’s nuclear program is absolutely within reach, and the extension was made just to discuss the details of the agreement,” Nahavandian remarked.

The parties engaged in negotiations agreed to extend the nuclear talks until June 2015, after they failed to meet the self-imposed deadline of November 24 to reach a comprehensive agreement.