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Germany Opens Commercial Center in Tehran

Germany Opens Commercial Center in TehranGermany Opens Commercial Center in Tehran

Germany’s Commercial Center affiliated with Iran-Germany Chamber of Commerce opened in Tehran on Thursday.

According to chairman of the joint chamber, Omid Yaraqi, the center will provide a host of services to businesspeople from both sides, ICCIMA reported.

“Foreign companies willing to enter a market in another country need to study that market beforehand. This center will help German companies conduct the relevant research on the Iranian market,” he said.

“The center will also assist representatives of German universities who are willing to cooperate with Iranian scientific centers in finding a suitable partner and provide services for student exchanges between the two countries.”

Yaraqi noted that German experts will hold educational seminars in the field of industry for Iranian economic players and industrialists at the center. Iran-Germany Chamber of Commerce was launched over 40 years ago in Tehran.


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