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Plans for Roads Ministry

Plans for Roads MinistryPlans for Roads Ministry

The vice presidency for strategic planning and supervision has required the ministry of roads and urban development to enforce 10 major programs to pave the way for the implementation of the basic policies of the resistance economy, IRNA reported on Tuesday. The guidelines call on the minister to:

- Improve commerce and transit marketing and expand transport transactions;

- Expand transportation networks specifically the railway network and get them connected to international transit corridors;

- Ease transportation regulations;

- Improve domestic transportation safety;

- Improve transportation of containerized cargos;

- Reduce fuel consumption by increasing the share of rail transport;

- Reduce fuel consumption by renovating the public transport fleet;

- Reestablish transport infrastructure based on traffic demand;

- Take advantage of new construction technologies to decrease fuel energy consumption;

- Help implement national building regulations and standards of architecture and urban planning to reduce energy consumption;

- Conserve energy through renovation of existing buildings.